Dedicated server to rent

Selecting required hardware configuration of the dedicated server to host your site is a first step to success of your online project. Here is a quick overview of the main technical characteristics of our servers, so you could make the right choice before you rent a server.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

Dedicated server, which has a certain amount of spare resources, is an excellent long-term solution, however, it requires additional capital costs from the start. In order not to overpay at the beginning it might be worthwhile to pay attention to our budget line of single processor dedicated servers.

You are welcome to rent a server based on Intel CPU Atom or G-series. This is the best option for compact applications. For example, single-processor models do an excellent job as mail servers or name servers.

Implemented Hyper-Threading Technology by Intel allows to double the number of logical cores of CPU, thereby increasing efficiency. Another thing also worth of noting is a positive impact on the uptime of a server caused by the use of hot-swappable drives. Thus, these solutions provide the best way to make every cent spent on hosting work and that is crucial, if you have a limited budget.

Dedicated servers in this category are usually used as:

  • DNS-servers;
  • email-servers;
  • virtual private network servers (VPN);
  • servers for hosting lightweight online projects;
  • backup and monitoring of the main servers.

 Dedicated servers with Xeon processors are perfectly fitted for more hardware demanding tasks. Thanks to Hyper-Threading Technology mentioned above the processor module uses from eight to twelve logical cores, which provide significant performance boost. It makes sense to rent one of the dedicated servers for performing the following range of tasks:

  • hosting medium-sized databases;
  • running resource-intensive applications;
  • load and/or traffic balancing between servers;
  • creating virtual dedicated servers carrier of your own;
  • running a game server (rental of this type is especially popular);
  • streaming audio files.

The next level in the dedicated servers product line offered by HostZealot is Intel dual CPU E5-2620v2 servers. Renting a dedicated server like this, which is not the most inexpensive solution though, aimed at such goals as:

  • launching online advertising;
  • real-time media content streaming;
  • hosting large databases;
  • load distribution between servers;
  • hosting MMPORG game server;
  • providing complex technical calculations that require handling a large amounts of data.

Dedicated server, which will undoubtedly pay off its rental fees due to superior performance, can easily tackle all the listed issues using twelve logical cores that allow it to organize a data processing very effectively and maintain an excellent speed of operations.

All the servers models mentioned above are just basic, standard solutions offered by our company. Available tariff models of dedicated servers can be provided to you with preinstalled operating system like Unix, or Windows. In general, we will be happy to assist you in implementing any online project, which involve rental. Server in this case is located in one of our partner data centers, which can be selected directly during the ordering process.

We are always pleased to offer our customers the most appropriate solutions that address rental of a server. We make sure that our servers meet the highest requirements to the modern hardware. If you’re not able to find a configuration that meets all your requirements on our website, you can contact our customer service representatives, who will be happy to answer all your questions and help you to find the best solution for your issue.