The main reasons for switching to VPS or Dedicated servers

The main reasons for switching to VPS or Dedicated servers

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There are a number of reasons why many companies and organizations prefer to switch to Dedicated servers or VPS. Here are six of the most common ones:

  1. Saving money. Equipping your own server room, purchasing equipment, placement, configuration and maintenance of all this stuff requires a lot of money. And the more extensive network infrastructure you need, the more the associated costs increase. Virtual (shared) hosting, in the long run, is both easier and more profitable, because you only need to pay the rent on time. With that, you can, at the snap of a finger, rent more capacity, if required by the actual tasks, which is also convenient. And in case you need to roll servers quickly, you do not have to sell the hardware and dismantle the server - just inform the hoster about the termination of cooperation.
  2. Your traffic volumes are constantly growing - a situation familiar to many start-ups that are rapidly gaining market share. With growing traffic, you need to make sure your servers can handle the load, and there's nothing like Dedicated servers that scale at the snap of a finger.
  3.  Security and total privacy. All customer data is stored in industrial data centers of Tier 3 or higher with all possible modern security systems. And it is not just about network security, but also about the physical integrity of data - data centers are equipped with advanced fire protection systems and air conditioning systems, which allows maintaining optimal conditions for the servers. In addition, their territory is carefully guarded against physical intrusion.
  4.  There are no restrictions on the number of websites, databases, mailboxes, etc. Leasing a dedicated server gives you full access to the server hardware and you can use the available capacity as you like. Host dozens of websites, domain zones, in general, organize the network infrastructure as you need. A dedicated server does not impose any restrictions in this regard.
  5.  The company needs to develop its network infrastructure in the shortest possible time and with minimal investments. In this case, moving to dedicated servers or VPS will be more than justified because you will not need any initial investments.
  6.  Your hardware is hopelessly outdated and it is too expensive to upgrade to new hardware. In this case, renting will be a great temporary or permanent solution, depending on your plans and vision of how your project should develop and function in the future.

Now that the reasons are understood, let's consider the main differences between VPS and dedicated servers, as these two types of hosting are often confused.

Shared and VPS/VDS servers: what are they and the main differences

VDS stands for Virtual Dedicated Server. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In both cases, we are talking about the server that is virtualized on a very real physical machine. That is, the client gets to manage a virtual dedicated server, which runs on a physical one. The client has full control over the provided capacity, he can change the settings as he likes, install any software, etc. That is, can dispose of a server as if the physical possession of the iron.

Shared hosting - is a type of hosting, in which the client gets to own only part of the server. That is, one server is running several accounts with the same rights. And on each account maybe a few sites. This type of hosting is cheaper and suitable for small projects. If you need to host a small business site, a small blog, a forum or a small online store with low attendance, then the hosting is what you need.

Thus, switching to VDS/VPS servers is suitable for medium and large businesses that require full control over the server infrastructure and administration.

What difficulties may arise during the transition to VPS or Dedicated server

The most common problem is the transition to VPS or Dedicated server requires manual administration of the project, which means you will need to find a qualified specialist.

In addition, difficulties may arise at the stage of transferring the site, if it is done manually. In fact, the site is very easy to port and it is only done in 4 steps:

  1. Download all of the site data, including images and pages. You can just download the latest backup via SFTP.
  2. A database dump is created - the resulting file must have a .sql extension.
  3. Upload the downloaded data to the new virtual server.
  4. Import the MySQL database.

That is basically all. Any beginner administrator will cope with this task so that no insurmountable difficulties should arise. If they arise, the HostZealot specialists are always ready to help and provide any information support.

HostZealot offers the possibility of renting dedicated and virtual servers anywhere in the world. Our servers are located exclusively in advanced data centers that meet the current international requirements for security, reliability, and fault tolerance. If you are thinking about switching to a virtual dedicated server, feel free to contact us anytime.

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