Black Friday with HostZealot: Get a permanent discount!

Black Friday with HostZealot: Get a permanent discount!

Autor: HostZealot Team
2 min.

Black Friday will only last for one day, but your HostZealot hosting discount will last... forever! And no, it is not an April joke, we are honest with you about everything.

A well-organized business is built on planning - the online sphere is fully applicable. Therefore it is logical to choose and order hosting services, be it web hosting, VPS, or dedicated server in advance. If you are not our client and you're wondering what we can offer as an infrastructure provider, now is the perfect time to try it out.

After all, we are launching a unique promotion on November 26, 2021 only. If you order dedicated server hosting on this Black Friday, you'll get 30% off the current rate! And customers who order a virtual private server will save even more - 50%! But most importantly, these conditions will be valid for you in fact forever - during the entire period of using the service.

We emphasize: our conditions are really honest. Rates are not changed before the action, as it often happens with unscrupulous vendors, and there are no hidden fees. This principle of respectful treatment of the client is the basis of all of HostZealot's work. We offer up-to-date powerful equipment at 14 locations worldwide, various server architectural solutions, and competent technical support 24/7.

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