Dedicated server pricing

Renting a dedicated server has already become a common thing. Demand for this type of hosting service is consistently high, despite the fact that the price of a dedicated server differs quite noticeably from prices of web hosting or VPS.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Fast Provisioning
  • IPMI Interface
  • IPv6 Free subnet
  • Quick Upgrade

This can be explained by the fact that dedicated server provides users with the highest level of efficiency and reliability due to:

  • guaranteed resources of the physical server;
  • privileges to install any software that your tasks require;
  • no restrictions (except TOS) on a type of data hosted on your server.
  • full admin access;

Here are the main factors that influence the cost of a server for customers using the service:

  • hardware technical specification - set of basic parameters such as a type and frequency of CPU, RAM, and a hard drive. Our website allows you to order budget single-processor models as well as high-end server equipment, which is suitable for tasks with the highest hardware requirements;
  • traffic - default tariff plans offer 5TB or 10TB consumption per month at maximum 100 Mbit/s . However, if you are dealing with large amounts of data that pass through your server, you may need to opt for 1Gbit channel;
  • additional IP-addresses - each server has one IP-address assigned by default, but if your online project requires more, you can add up to ten additional IP-addresses. Please note that in this case you will also need to fill in a standard form and specify how exactly additional IPs will be utilized;
  • control panel - makes it easy to perform common actions with your website. The list of control panels available for installation includes such popular ones as cPanel, ISPmanger, DirectAdmin. Adding a control panel to your order insignificantly affects the cost of a server for a website, however, it can greatly simplify solving your everyday tasks;
  • additional disk space for data backup - this is a very handy option, especially when something unexpected happens to your data. Periodic backups to a separate hard drive is a good practice particularly if you are working with data hosted on a remote server. Price for this option is directly determined by the size of a backup drive;
  • extended server administration services- only some basic administration services are provided by default. Expanded range of tasks can be performed by HostZealot technical experts for some extra fee. For more information please contact our customer support service.

Also pay attention to all kinds of promo and discounts depending on a chosen billing cycle for some products. For example, ordering dedicated server with annual payment saves up to 11% compared to the monthly billing cycle.

The information given above should help you to answer the question how much does it cost to rent a server and now, as you understand which factors influence the price of a service, it's time to make an order. You can checkout online on our website at Servers page. Simply select a configuration that is the most appropriate for your task and press an ORDER button. Follow the prompts to place your online order and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support service.

If available in-stock configurations are not what you are looking for or it is hard for you to determine technical specification of a server, contact us in any convenient way like live chat, skype or send us an email - sales department specialists will choose an option that suits your online project most and get back to you in the shortest time possible.

Dedicated server from HostZealot - effective solution to place your project online!