While bringing your business to the European market, make sure that your customers have stable and secure access to the project. If that鈥檚 the case, your best choice would be the Europe dedicated servers from HostZealot. Our servers are located in the largest European countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and Poland. Due to their advantageous geolocation, they provide a stable data exchange without packet loss and with a minimum response time for your customers.

For your choice, we offer several data centers for renting dedicated server in Europe:
  • GleSYS in Stockholm, Sweden;
  • AMS1 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands;
  • Atman in Warsaw, Poland;
  • Interxion in London, UK
In addition to the advantages above, renting European dedicated servers from us, you will receive the following:
  • The server configuration that is most suitable for your project and tasks;
  • Private and corporate solutions;
  • Several traffic monitoring systems and server control panels;
  • Lightning-fast service and software updates;
  • The ability to administer the server in real-time mode;
  • Ability to use IPMI;
  • Access to modern IPv6 subnet;
  • 24/7 help from HostZealot support staff.
Our sales department can assist you in finding Europe dedicated server for your tasks

Modern equipment

We offer our customers only modern high-quality equipment from trusted manufacturers - Intel and SuperMicro.

Help in management

If you do not have enough to manage servers, then you can always entrust this to our specialists. This service can be ordered for both long term or once, when difficulties arise.

Modern technologies

By renting a server in Europe with us, you get access to modern management systems and technologies, such as IPv6 subnets and intelligent interface of IPMI.