Servers with 10GB RAM

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Powerful servers control
We've been built all-in-one hosting infrastructure management platform

Hostzealot servers features


On-demand or full administration of your project by our technicals.

Intel Processors

Full range of processors, from cost-saving Atom to extreme E5


Integrate your servers into single LAN

Corporate Solutions

From single-unit and hight-destiny mounts to multi-unit giants

Mutiple Locations

8 existing locations and we continue expanding

Monitoring & Control Tools

Reboot/bandwith usage charts/server management with IPMIv2

Traffic Pool

Available option of joining servers within one location into a common pool

IPv6 Support

World resourses of IPv4 are almost exhausted. Our servers natively support IPv6 communication protocol


Take control of your server via dedicated bypass management access port. Monitor sensors and manage remotely with KVMoIP / IPMI console.
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