VDS hosting overview

Here you’ll find general information about virtual dedicated server hosting from HostZealot. To begin with, let’s define a difference between virtual private (or dedicated) server (VPS/VDS) and physical dedicated server. The main distinction is that with VDS client has to share server hardware resources with other users, who have their projects running on the same physical machine. Each client receives his share of memory, processor unit’s power and disk space strictly defined in tariff plan.

  • SSD Caching
  • VNC Access
  • KVM Virtualization
  • IPv6 Free
  • TUN/TAP Interface

Nevertheless, owing to the use of KVM virtualization technology, you will not notice any consequences of other users’ actions, which can disturb you project’s work. So, when you rent a virtual dedicated server you get:

  • fixed part of server’s resources for your internet-project;
  • administrative access to the server.
  • possibility to install any software you need;
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Functionality of virtual dedicated server is identical to dedicated server’s one and includes following features:

  • root-access;
  • dedicated IP-addresses;
  • ports;
  • routing tables;
  • means of filtering.

So, basically you get all the main benefits of a dedicated server, but for a better price. Of course there are some cases, in which only physical server is to be used, but most common hosting tasks can be tackled with VPS.

It is also worth of noting, that we offer VDS hosting in a few European countries (England, Netherlands, Sweden), also in the USA and Canada. Our physical servers are placed in leading data-centers of the world ensuring stable and reliable work of your project owing to:

  • compulsory provision of redundant power supply;
  • variety of ISPs provides high-speed access to your resource;
  • servers' uptime maintained at 99.9%.

HostZealot has a successful experience of providing services at the hosting market since 2009 that allows us to deliver extra advantages to all clients of the company no matter which type of service they have chosen:

  • additional software from HostZealot comes absolutely free of charge and lets you optimize the output of your project;
  • SSD caching that makes maximum data access speed possible;
  • enterprise server’s hardware from SuperMicro;
  • highly professional technical support 24/7.
  • Intel CPU;
  • VNC and SSH root-access;
  • IPv6 totally supported;

KVM VPS VDS hosting from HostZealot is just ideal for launching your project online. Find tariff plan that suits you most and get a new level of performance!

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