VPS in Asia

Asian VPS hosting is in a huge demand nowadays, trying to meet the demand we're glad to inform you that a new location is now opened allowing you to order a VPS in Asia.

  • SSD Caching
  • VNC Access
  • KVM Virtualization
  • IPv6 Free
  • TUN/TAP Interface

Asia VPS may be utilized to bolster almost any online project you’re planning to launch. Take a look at the list of the main characteristics of a virtual server below:
  • premium server hardware – only highly reliable HW from the world’s best manufacturers like Supermicro, HP, Dell and Intel;
  • fairly shared resources – your part of CPU, RAM and HDD is always there when you need it. Feel the difference with our KVM VPSs;
  • your favourite OS on board - we have Windows and Linux plans with an instant activation, but it’s also possible to install an OS per your request;
  • free backup space – stay on the safe side with our free of charge remote backup storage. If 1Gb is not enough for you, it can be easily increased up to 200 Gb;
  • manage your VPS with just a few clicks – a number of basic options are available for you with Solus VM control panel that comes with every Asian VPS hosting plan;
  • both IPv4 and IPv6 – each VPS get the main IPv4 address and a number of IPv6 ones. If some more need to be added it can be accomplished upon a request;
  • protected connection with your server – use SSH or VNC client program to establish a connection. Make sure you’re using the credentials from a Welcome email while some custom settings are used to increase security;
  • automate common tasks with control panels – if you’re not into the command line, don’t forget to include your favourite control panel in the order and get it preinstalled on the VPS;
  • more additional software from the start – not only the control panels, but some software packages can be ordered and installed allowing you to kick start your deployment process right from the start;
  • instant readiness of your VPS – it takes only a few minutes to get a server online after your order is processed;
  • control and analytic tools at your disposal – the most comprehensive way to deal with some minor issues that may occur along the way. Client area has all it takes to reboot, turn on/off your VPS Asia or analyse traffic just with a touch of a button;
  • customer support service that you need – a real team of professionals that are ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day.
  • faster I/O operations – due to the SSD-caching in place;
  • no content restrictions – as long as it adheres to the Terms of Service;


Hosting your project with HostZealot Hong Kong VPS you benefit from a strategic location that brings users from Asia and Pacific region closer to your online resource. Another thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is that your project will run on a server located in the data center where best western practices have been used:

  • highest uptime – redundant network solutions combined with proactive technical support on site result in the 99,9% uptime;
  • always powered ON – even possible blackouts won’t bring your project offline due to the multiple backup power supply systems;
  • air temperature and moisture under control – simply ideal conditions for the hardware underlying your VPS;
  • information is totally protected – all data on your server is completely secured with the multilayer security system.

One more important note, don’t miss our special discount offers! For example, if you order a Windows VPS for a year term you can save up to 11% of its cost. Don’t waste an opportunity to make an even more attractive deal!

We hope that you have reached a decision to host your project on our VPS, Asian tariff model. Please use product tabs above or the Select button below to make an order. In case you still have some questions regarding the services or need help during the order process we encourage you to contact our around-the-clock customer support service via live chat, Skype or phone. Join us in the exploration of Asia!

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