How to move website to a new host or package?

Technically, moving your website to another host (migration) is similar to hosting package upgrade to VPS. Usually you can do this yourself with the help of a backup file. If you migrate or upgrade your package to a same control panel - 100% of information can be saved. If you have to change packages, some information will have to be recovered.

Moving from cPanel to cPanel.

cPanel offers an easy way of fully transferring your data to another cPanel package through a full website backup with ".tar.gz" file.
  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Go to Files -> Backups
  3. Press "Download a Full Website Backup" button
Once you have a full backup of your old cPanel hosting package, you can upload it to your new cPanel (at VPS package or new host) via FTP connection and use Files -> Backups -> Restore option. In case of transition to HostZealot our admins will gladly help you.

Moving from cPanel to ISP Manager

Full migration is possible, you just need to provide full backup ".tar.gz" file and MySQL Database dump. This dump is done in such a way:
  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Go to Files -> Backups
  3. Press Download in Download a MySQL Database Backup section
This method works also for Plesk, Directadmin, ISP Manager, etc.

We recommend providing full backup and database dump to admins to make your migration\package upgrade as easy and convenient as possible
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