How to reboot my server if it is down?

There are two main reasons of server inaccessibility:
  • your server may be suspended due no no-payment of invoice. Please check your due invoices and pay them to restore server operation.
  • your server is down due to technical reasons

We would greatly appreciate knowing main IP of the server (or selecting it in Related Service field during submit procedure).

We would also appreciate you  providing such information:
  1. Text of the error you experience. Please copy&paste error text if possible or attache error screenshot to  your ticket.
  2. MTR results (traceroute to your server) and ping results. Instructions on doing this can be found here.
  3. What actions were preceeding the error appearances? Did you do any changes to the server recently?
Providing details like this would reduce the time needed to rectify the situation greatly.

Sometimes simple reboot is all you need (use our Quick Management module or Services>My services>View Details> Reboot)
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