Domain transfer

According to ICANN contract the owner of domain name can change Registrar of his domain name anytime at his own discretion, no explanation is required. 

In case you already have domain name it can be hosted with us. In order to do so, you should set IP address stated in a Product Welcome email into appropriate domain name records. 


Domain transfer procedure:

·         Prior initiating domain transfer, the owner should request a unique EPP-key (Authentication key for transfer);

·         Make sure domain name is Unlocked. Unlock it if it's not;

·         Deactivate Privacy Protection if set On;

·         In order to start transfer the owner should follow this link and choose “Transfer” option;

·         Once the payment has been processed, a confirmation letter is sent to the email address stated in domain's administrative details. Please follow the link in email to approve the transfer;

·         Domain transfer usually takes 5-7 days after it's been approved;

·         Once done, you'll receive a confirmation message. 

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