What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used for communicating and file transfer from a computer over the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) network, i.e. over the Internet. The users who were granted access can receive and send files to the FTP server (or FTP host/website).

How does it work?

FTP connection requires two parties to perform communication in the network. The user should have permission to give the login information to an FTP server.

There are two data channels for the FTP connection set-up. The first one is a command channel, it initiates commands and replies. The second one is a data transmission channel, where the data distribution occurs.

When receiving or sending a file, the authorized user is going to use a protocol to request making changes on a server. And the server is going to grant that access. Such a session is called an active connection mode.

When having issues with a firewall, the passive mode is used. Within this mode, the user sets both the command channel and the data transmission one.

How to use FTP?

There are three approaches for the FTP connection set-up.

FTP command line This can be a Windows command line or a Mac/Linux terminal. Even nowadays the developers use it to send files by means of FTP.
Web browser The web browser is more convenient when the user wants to get access to big storages on a server. That is a slow and less reliable method than using special FTP software.
FTP-client Its use gives more freedom than the command line or a browser. This client is easy to use and is known to be a more powerful option.
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