How to automate SSH login with password?

We recommend using cross-platform tool PuTTY for SSH access. It is an easy and reliable software, available at:

Please install it and create a shortcut to your desktop. Then change a path to executable in shortcut’s properties. It should look like this (for Windows 7):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\putty\PUTTY.EXE" -ssh –P 56777 -l login -pw password IP address

Parameters are as follows:

-P –SSH connection port – 56777 (pay attention, we don't use standard 22 SSH port for security reasons)

-l – login

-pw – password

IP address should be the address of your server.

It is even more useful in case you have several packages. You can simply create as many shortcuts as needed to login to your VPS services with 1 click. You can otherwise use Pageant - PuTTY automatic authentication agent.

However, in case you have multiple VPS packages/ dedicated servers, using a Linux terminal for accessing your server via SSH would be the best decision. 

In order to do that, please open the Terminal and type:

ssh -p 56777 -l root x.x.x.x

where x.x.x.x is IP address of your server.

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