How to reset Windows VPS password

This is quite a simple procedure, so you can do this yourself, following this guide: 

1. In VPS Control Panel mount CDROM "Win2012_DC_64bit_with_virtio"
2. In VPS Control Panel on Drivers page mount "Virtio 0.1 81" drivers
3. Reboot VPS, then press any key to start installation CDROM
4. Select Language and press Next
5. Click "Repair Computer" -> "Troubleshoot" -> "Advanced options" -> "System Image Recovery"
6. Click "Cancel", then "Select a System Image" -> "Next" -> "Advanced..." -> "Install a driver" -> "OK"
7. Go to "CD Drive" -> "WIN8" -> "AMD64"
8. Select "VIOSTOR.inf", click "Open" -> "Add Drivers..."
9. Go back to main menu and click "Troubleshoot" -> "Advanced options" -> "Command Prompt"
10. Type "E:" (drive name may vary) and click Enter
11. Type "cd windows/system32" and click Enter
12. Type "ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak" and click Enter
13. Type "copy cmd.exe utilman.exe" and click Enter
14. In VPS Control Panel unmount Drivers and installation CDROM
15. Reboot VPS from VPS Control Panel 
16. Try to login via RDP or simply open VNC
17. Click on the Utilities Manager button (in the left bottom corner), Command Prompt window should come up
18. Type "net user Administrator ANY_NEW_PASSWORD" and click Enter
19. Close Command Prompt window and login to Windows using password "ANY_NEW_PASSWORD"
20. Open Command Prompt or PowerShell, go to "c:\windows\system32" directory
21. Type "del utilman.exe" and click Enter
22. Type "copy utilman.exe.bak utilman.exe" and click Enter

However, we recommend  submitting a ticket to our admins regarding the matter.
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