Pool manager

Adding your dedicated servers to a pool allows you to manage your traffic consumption effectively.

Here are the conditions that apply to a server being added to the pool:

  • a server and a pool should be active;

  • a server can be added only to the pool in the same location;

  • a pool and a server should have the same type of traffic.

Follow these steps to order a new pool:

1. Go to the “Pool manager” page (https://my.hostzealot.com/poolmanagement.php) and press “order pool” to order the service;

2. enter required data:

  • plan/bandwidth volume — additional volume will be added to the summary volume of the pool servers’ traffic;

  • bandwidth type – the pool and all dedicated servers should have the same type («Premium» or «Standard»);

  • pool name;

  • location;

3. check the order and provide the payment.

Press the “update data” button at the “Pool manager” page, your new pool will be displayed in the list of available services.

To add a server to a pool:

  • select a server and press “Add to pool” button, then pick a pool you want to add the server to from the list;

  • use “Mass action” tool to add a few servers to the same pool at once.

Each pool has information regarding the servers included in the same pool (main IP-adresses) and current amount of the consumed traffic.

Main features of the pool:

  • current available volume of traffic is comprised of traffic of each server plus additional volume selected during the order of the pool;

  • if one of the servers in a pool becomes inactive, total volume of traffic get decreased proportionally;

  • traffic consumption is calculated separately for each server in case of pool’s suspension;

  • use «Management actions» for the service to upgrade the pool by adding additional traffic volume.

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