What is SSL certificate & how to obtain it?

SSL protection adds more credibility to your website as you start using HTTPS connection for Customer's password-protected area.

In some cases it is mandatory to use, for instance on payment pages, where a client enters credit card details or other sensitive data. Such pages must be SSL-protected by trusted SSL provider. Our SSL cerftificates by GlobalSign are compatible with all major internet browsers and sufficient for your needs. We currently provide standard 2048-4096 bit certificates

We require the following information from you to create SSL certificate:

1) Domain must be registered with us and hosted on a dedicated IP within our network.

2) Create a ticket and specify a domain you would like SSL certificate to be created for;
3) Set up working email admin@yourdomain.com or hostmaster@yourdomain.com;
4) Fill out the form below and post it to the ticket

Host to make cert for (www or without www):
Country (2 letter abbreviation):
Company Name:
Company Division:
Email Address the Cert will be sent to:   

We're able to commence generating SSL as soon as we receive information on each clause.

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